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I maestri dell’ambient e il chitarrista dei Pink Floyd, uno che di atmosfere musicali se ne intende…

Due tracce, Metallic Side e Spheres Side, per poco meno di 50 minuti di musica in cui le basi elettroniche dei The Orb diventano il tappeto perfetto su cui Gilmour ricama passaggi chitarristici (elettrici e acustici) che solo lui è in grado di fare. Ogni tanto fa capolino anche la sua voce, ma se ne potrebbe fare a meno perché ci basta quel suono per farci felici. Un progetto interessante e molto equilibrato, l’elettronica non è eccessiva e si prende gli spazi necessari prima di lasciare libertà alle improvvisazioni di Gilmour che si dimostra ancora in ottima forma, e in grado di trattare una Fender Stratocaster come pochi al mondo.
Bello e rilassante.
da :

The Orb Featuring David Gilmour to Release "Metallic Spheres" on October 12

The Orb, the visionary UK 'ambient/house' collective, began to collaborate with Pink Floyd guitarist and songwriter David Gilmour after working together on a version of Graham Nash's Chicago for a charity project. Want more of a history lesson? Okay, I have it for you. Youth (aka Martin Glover), a frequent Orb accomplice, was invited to create a remix, and he and Alex Paterson, as The Orb, were so energized by the task that they continued working until it was an album-length entity. There was no stopping these two forces! Having asked Gilmour to bring his guitars to Youth's studio in South London to prolong and enrich their new creation, the trio worked up a sonic mixture in a range of styles. Thus, the Metallic Spheres project was born.
Metallic Spheres is an epic exercise, designed to be heard in two parts - 'Metallic Side' (24'48"), and 'Spheres Side' (25'09"). Each track, or side, consists of five movements. The album uniquely utilizes David Gilmour's discernable electric guitar and lap steel guitar, Alex Paterson's sound manipulation, keyboards and turntables, and Youth's bass guitar and keyboards. Metallic Spheres will be available in 3 formats: standard and 2-disc deluxe versions on CD, digital download and 180-gram vinyl. The deluxe 2-CD version includes an extra disc, featuring the new '3D60™' process, which allows a 360-degree sound experience on stereo tracks without any special equipment. Please see below for more details. Moreover, the album is currently available for pre-order at
Longtime Orb collaborator Simon Ghahary has created artwork, continuing and expanding on The Orb's spatial art style. Additionally, special laser light shows created specifically for the release of Metallic Spheres will be shown to the public in early October in New York and Los Angeles. More details to follow.
The Orb's Alex Paterson says, "It's a collision that's been waiting to happen with Pink Floyd / David Gilmour and The Orb orbiting many of the same planets."
The Orb, built around mainstay Alex Paterson, formed in London in 1989 during the birth of the rave movement. Initially founded on a mutual love of Brian Eno and German electronics, The Orb at present operates with a flexible line-up of collaborators that includes producer / multi-instrumentalist Youth, well-known for his work with Paul McCartney as The Fireman, as well as his production (Crowded House, Dido) and remixes (U2, Marilyn Manson).
David Gilmour is the legendary singer, guitarist and songwriter with Pink Floyd, whose most recent solo was album On an Island.
da :, The feat. David Gilmour 2010 Metallic


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